Questions and Answers

Is my house covered with National Home Warranty?

Click  on the Links below to check to see if your home is registered with National Home Warranty.

Alberta Public Registry

British Columbia Public Registry

If your home is located in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, there is no Public Registry, so please contact our office and we will gladly help.

What is in my warranty package?

Your warranty package consists of your Limited Warranty Policy and a guide to filing a claim. If you live in British Columbia, you’ll also find a decal outlining warranty expiry dates.

When will we receive our Warranty Package?

The warranty package is issued once the policy is commenced. Commencement criteria can vary depending on the circumstance or policy. If you’d like further clarification, please call our office.

I can’t find my policy. Can I get a new copy?

You can. Additional copies can be requested by the homeowner for a nominal charge.

Can I get a copy of the policy on an unsold home?

Warranty policies are available only once the warranty commences.

When does my warranty start?

Generally, in Alberta and the Prairies, the warranty starts on the date of first occupancy, the date on your occupancy permit or when the title transfers (depending on if the home is custom or spec). For further details, please contact our offices.

In British Columbia, a custom home commencement date is typically the date of first occupancy or the date the occupancy permit was granted, whichever occurs earliest. A spec home policy commences on the date of first occupancy or the date of the transfer of legal title, whichever occurs earliest.

I don’t believe the dates on my warranty policy are correct. What can I do?

Please contact our office to discuss!

How do I file a Claim?

Claims handling is completed directly with Aviva. Click HERE to go to Aviva’s website for more information and to file a claim.